About the institute

The „Institute for Democracy and Civil Society – Thuringian Center for Documentation and Research against Group Focused Enmity“ (IDZ) is a social scientific research institute that began its work in August 2016. The institute is government-funded by the „State-program for democracy, tolerance and open-mindedness” of the state Thuringia and is associated with the Amadeu Antonio foundation. The main task of the institute is to enhance democratic culture in Thuringia through a participative research approach. This approach relies on frequent contact with the democratic institutions of civil society. The political issues and matters of civil society are translated into research projects and the scientific results are then transferred back into society.

Further information will be added soon.

Institute for Democracy and Civil Society

Talstr. 84
07743 Jena


E-Mail: mail@idz-jena.de

Telephone: 0049 3641 2719403